Hiring Unicorns for Your Startup – Tools Inside


For a startup to be a unicorn, you need to be valued at over $1 billion. To achieve that, you need not only a good product, but also unicorns on your team. A good team means significant industry expertise and strong dedication to your startup. In this blog post, I will share the process for hiring a team, which can help you build your unicorn.

Hiring Technical Profiles

Once you have decided your technical stack (MEAN/LAMP/LEMP), it’s time to choose the right team to make your web and mobile application. While most startups have technical founders, you may or may not have the skills to do all the parts yourself, and at some point, you will need to hire engineers. Hiring engineers can be a bit tricky. You need people with good exposure, a solid understanding of programming concepts, and the ability to fix bugs quickly.

Source CVs from good sources:

Post your job, with a detailed job description, on multiple websites like, Glassdoor, Angelist, Linkedin, Indeed, etc.

Filter CVs: 

Filter resumes by experience, companies previously worked with, and the skills that you are looking for. Angelist provides a great free tool for working with multiple CVs and job profiles.

Invite for e-Meeting: 

Once you have filtered the CVs, you should ask potential candidates for an e-meeting via Skype or Google Hangouts. This saves you time and hassle for candidates to travel to your office. We use Calendly to schedule and invite candidates to e-meetings.

Here is the email template you can use:

Hello <Name>,
Thank you for applying to Hivego.
I would like to invite you to a 15-minute e-meeting to begin the pre-assessment process.
Please select a convenient time slot: Calendly URL

Bittu Kumar, Co-Founder,
Hivego (An Enterslice Company)

Make sure to ask for their Skype Id on your interview scheduling page. This saves a lot of time. Once you are on the call, ask questions related to their work, about the company they work in, and why they want to join your startup. Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can let the candidate know that you’re done with the e-meeting and would like to test their skills.

Testing Candidates: 

It is important for you to test the candidates to make sure that they have desired skills for the job profiles. For this, we use pre-assessment tools like Hackerearth, HackerRank, and Interview Mocha. There are pre-defined sets of questions you can use; MCQs, code exercises, etc. Or you can choose to add your own custom questions.

They have features like Video Proctoring, browser behavior detection, etc. that allow you to make sure your candidates stay honest throughout the test. Set your benchmarks and let your candidates strut their stuff.

Here is the email template you can use to ask candidates for pre-assessment tests:

Hello <Name>,
Thank you again for meeting with me. It was a pleasure talking with you.
I invite you to take our pre-assessment test to continue your application process.
Please take your test when ready: Test URL

Bittu Kumar, Co-Founder,
Hivego (An Enterslice Company)

Once you are done with the tests, you can then decide on which candidates to call for further rounds of salary negotiation and terms of employment to eventually make an offer.

This process saves time and helps you speed up the hiring process of your startup.

Can you hire unicorns using this process? Absolutely!

Hiring Non-Technical Profiles

Repeat the process above until you reach the skill test step. It is little trickier to test non-technical profiles, but you can assign a small job to test the quality of the employee you are hiring.

Once you have finished hiring, sit down with your new employees. Tell them about your vision and where you see the startup after a month, a year, and the next five years, and how their contribution can make it grow. Unicorns still need a good leader to show them the way.

Best of luck with your hiring adventure!