How To Beat Your Million Dollar Competitors?


Let’s be honest it – We all want to know how to disrupt Industries and make money in the process. In this post, I am going to share the ultimate SaaS Marketing method with examples and explain the concept to you in detail.

Before you start

What do I need to get things going? What are the secret Ingredients to start a perfect SaaS Marketing campaign?

  • A Solid Product – Average Sucks
  • Create a compelling one-page sales website
  • Figure out a Competitive Pricing Strategy
  • Few Email Templates
  • One SaaS Tool
  • Mindset of a Pirate; yes it takes time

Let’s discuss this in detail. Let me explain few more things right away.

Why Do I Need A SaaS Marketing Product?

Let me ask you a question which might seem weird to you at first but trust me, I have a point! Will you ever switch to a product or service inferior to the one you are using already? I don’t even need to guess the answer because its obvious that you will say No! Hence, if you are developing a SaaS Marketing Product, make sure it beats your competitors.

Sales Page

You no longer need those hundreds of pages of whitepapers to convince your customers. Now you only need to design a compelling sales page and explain the features of your product or service. Adding an explainer video also works pretty well.

Competitive Pricing Strategy

Big giants charge a ton, and everyone is looking to save the cost. Figure out a competitive pricing strategy so that you have everything calculated and don’t end up losing money.

Now that you have built a saas marketing product, sales page and developed a competitive pricing strategy you may want to know what’s next?

Let me share with you how I closed more than a hundred deals in a month with a tool called BuiltWith, and how you can apply it to your business and gain maximum advantage.

Attracting Your Competitors’ Customers

In this case, we shall use the example of a “Live chat” company in which a new market player is looking to enter the live chat market. So here’s a step by step guide how you can find your million dollar competitors and their customers.

Here’s a brief outline of this process works:

Search for Top Competitors

Go to google and type live chat, you will get the results. Jot down the first three results. These usually will be the most successful million dollar companies.

Google Search - Live Chat

Now we have three competitors, who have a huge number of customers which are your potential customers as well.

  1. LiveChat
  2. WebsiteAive

All we need to do next is to reach out to these potential customers with our product or service. The next logical step is to identify the demographics we want to target and use some tool to find out who are all the customers of our competitors.

Finalising Demographics and Using BuiltWith

Before we start outreach process, we need to finalize who we are going to target by:

  • Industry
  • Geographical location

Next, we need to sign up for an account of BuiltWith.

What is BuiltWith? BuiltWith helps you build lists of websites from their database of over 22,000 web technologies using filters like location, traffic, and vertical, etc. Also, go ahead and sign up for their free account.

Creating new report in Builtwith

BuiltWith will now take you to the next page where you can select the data sources which allow you to select from options like:

  • Web Technology Usage List
  • Keyword List
  • A List of your own researched domains
  • eCommerce websites using Keywords (Like Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing etc.)
  • Comparison of Competitors
  • Curated Lists with a filter like expiring SSL, Alexa 10,000, Y Combinator companies etc.


In this Live chat example, we shall use the first data source which is most noteworthy, i.e. Web Technology Usage List.


We can now make a list of any technology known to BuiltWith, from the list of 22000+ Technologies they have in the database. Here in this example, I am naming it Livechat.


Once we select the technology, BuiltWith will ask us for a name to build the report. Since I am on a trial hence I have restrictions on the usage limits. But while in past I was doing this stuff regularly so consequently I had a pro subscription and I got a list of 100k + websites.

Name the report

Once you start the list building process, it will take some time because everything depends on the number of websites, therefore, it can take from 1 minute to 1 day to populate the lists with the websites using LiveChat.






What’s Next?

Once your report is ready you can see the list of websites using the LiveChat Widget. At the time of writing this post, I randomly checked data for accuracy and all the websites on the list were using LiveChat. Whoa! Here’s the gold mine we were talking about. List of paying customers who already are using the product of your competitors and paying them a recurring revenue.

Go get ’em 😉

I love one more thing about BuiltWith, it gives you all the contact details available on the website so that you can plan an outreach strategy although we shall discuss this later.


Once the report is ready you can also customize it on the basis of filters available. For example, I want to only target the websites in California, hence, BuiltWith gives an option to create a segment of websites with locations in California only.

Once the report is ready, you can check the data to make sure it is accurate and start the next process – Outreach. In conclusion, here is a sample data obtained from the BuiltWith List.


Since now we have a goldmine of customers, therefore, we will need a solid strategy for reaching them. Consequently, my most preferred channels for SaaS Marketing are:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Facebook
  4. Google Display Campaigns.

Let’s start one by one. My advice will be to start with one channel and move to next channel only once you start seeing some results.

Email Marketing

Nothing works better than old school emails. While we are talking about Unsolicited emails, unless you spam Thousands of people will same offer, again and again, start with a small list and do some personalization you can convert cold emails.

Warning: Please use a list verification service (My Favourite is EmailListVerify) Before you start sending emails.

Start with 50 prospects (Baby steps!). Before sending Email, Do a bit of research. In this Example, Let’s talk about Godaddy, it uses LiveChat. How can we get in touch?

See if they have recent news you can connect with:


As a result, they have acquired two new companies consequently there is an influx of the number of customers.

Below are modified versions of some email templates from that you can use in addition to creating your funnel.

Cold Outreach:

Subject: LiveChatCo + Godaddy

Hi Name,

My name is Bittu with LiveChatGo.

Congratulations on purchasing two new domain portfolios.

I noticed you are currently using LiveChat to connect with customers.

We help startups and enterprises to leverage the benefit of AI in LiveChat. That means lower cost and faster query resolution. Furthermore, our past customers have seen x% of an increase in Customer satisfaction and x% of reduction in Human resource costs.

I wanted to share our capabilities and learn more about your needs. Are you available for a quick call tomorrow afternoon?


Bittu Kumar

Furthermore, don’t forget to follow up on emails. I Suggest checking Sales Email Templates


LinkedIn is a great sales tool, most relevant if you know the person you want to reach to, I am sure it is less busy place than a normal email inbox. And I have recently seen a lot of marketers using it for B2B sales in a non-intrusive way (Email Marketing is definitely little bit intrusive).

So, How to connect with anybody on Linkedin?

Here’s a small trick I use. Generally, most of the people I want to connect to are my 2nd or 3rd connection. Therefore, I don’t pitch my product in the first message instead I try to establish the connection.

I send this message:

Hi Name,

I noticed we both are connected to Third Name. We Obviously mix the same community. I would like to connect.


Bittu Kumar


Once you are connected, Go Pitch ’em 😉


My Personal Favourite Right now is Facebook! The best part about Facebook is that you can import an entire list of emails collected from the BuiltWith and Create Custom Audience and Run a Pay Per Click Ad.

Why is it better?

  • You are not directly selling (Email and LinkedIn)
  • Can choose to sell via a Video or Picture
  • You can create awareness about your product at Lower Cost
  • May use it for remarketing to nurture leads.

Finally! Power to you 🙂

Google Display Campaigns

Although you can use Google Adwords to bid for the keywords like “Live Chat” etc. you can also use Google Remarketing Feature to show advertisements to the prospect list we have created using the BuiltWith.

In conclusion, that was all you needed to know about Saas Marketing. Are you ready to beat your million dollar competitors now? I hope this works for you too! See you at the top! 🙂